About Us

Art isn’t necessarily what you see, it’s how you see it. Usanii Gallery offers you a world of art to see and experience. As we are an online gallery, we have the ability to provide you with an unparalleled selection of sculptures, stencil art, paintings, abstract and digital art, to name only a few of the mediums we have available.

Based in Nairobi, Kenya, Usanii Gallery wishes to bridge the gap between artists and clients. We showcase those artists who are motivated to use a wide-reaching online platform in order to connect with art fans. Technology is ever present in our lives; why not use its power to bring important and dynamic art to as many as possible. No longer confined to the brick and mortar, often difficult to access galleries, art on our platform becomes accessible and more real.

Diversity is our mantra …nothing is too small or too big. Our pieces are inspired by the world, just as our artists come from all walks of life and all reaches of the globe. Why should art be confined to one small aspect of life; why not be as broad and all-encompassing as we can…This is our goal, and this is what we give to you.

Art is universal. It is what ties people together, it is what awakens the dreamer in all of us. Seeking to establish ourselves as a platform highlighting that which everyone can enjoy and admire: art, the Usanii Gallery also strives to make a difference and impact generations to come. That is the true power of art—bringing joy, multi-culturalism, diversity and beauty into the present and the future.